Careica Health's mission - to develop and deliver community based programs and services that improve the health and quality of life for people with respiratory disease and sleep-disordered breathing.


Careica Health's mission - to develop and deliver community based programs and services that improve the health and quality of life for people with respiratory disease and sleep-disordered breathing.


Join the Careica Health Team

Careica Health, a leader in respiratory care, offers the unique opportunity to create sustainable change in a client's life. At the end of each work day, you'll go home knowing that you were instrumental in helping people breathe easier and get a good night's sleep.

Careica Health's leadership team truly believes our caring people are our competitive advantage.

Our employees are members of Careica Health, a team who works to coordinate, deliver and provide life changing therapy and on-going care to our clients. They do it by living our values of Excellence, Accountability, Optimism, Vitality and Caring each and every day.

With over 100 employees in western Canada, Careica Health offers some of the most rewarding careers in health service. We show our appreciation and commitment to our employees by:

Providing a fun, motivating and satisfying workplace.
Offering a rewards package that reflects how we feel. It includes competitive salary, comprehensive group benefits, RRSP matching, as well as other perks and programs to keep body, mind and spirit healthy and happy.
Embracing technology to automate administration and allow more time for enriching client interaction.
Empowering employees with the knowledge they need, including in-house training developed by Careica Health's multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.
Award Winning Culture

Award Winning Culture

In 2016, Careica Health was awarded the Canadian Businesses Excellence Award for Delighted Customers, Engaged Employees, and a Culture of Innovation. CareicaHealth's earned this prestigious award through their higher standard of quality care.

Types of Careers

Client Service Coordinator (CSC) - Administrative

CSCs provide exceptional service over the phone to our clients. They are our clients' first point of contact with Careica Health and are instrumental in shaping a positive first impression. A typical day includes answering incoming calls, orienting clients to our services and process, booking appointments and performing administrative functions. They ensure our Careica Health team members have the information needed to provide high quality care.

Client Service Coordinator (CSC) - Clinical

Similar to a medical office assistant position, Clinical CSCs are located in our local offices and provide support and direction to clients. They are often our clients' first in-person contact with Careica Health and are instrumental in building on the initial positive impression. Whether it is answering questions over the phone or assisting in-person at the reception area, Clinical CSCs make a client's experience effortless.

Clinic Representative

Clinic Representatives meet with Careica Health's community partners, family doctors, respirologists, allied healthcare professionals and the general public to build strong relationships and provide education on the programs we offer. They also gather important feedback from these stakeholders that enables us to tailor and improve our processes and services.

Service & Repair Technician

Our Service & Repair Technicians provide prompt and reliable service for those requiring repair to sleep and oxygen medical equipment. They work in Careica Health's Morden, Manitoba office, where we operate our authorized Canadian service and warranty repair centre for respiratory equipment.

Home Oxygen Technician (HOT)

HOTs are the primary point of contact for Careica Health's home oxygen clients. They visit client homes to set up and maintain oxygen systems, as well as replenish portable oxygen supplies. HOTs are known to go above and beyond to show Careica Health's dedication to helping our client's live comfortably and confidently at home. Often, they become cherished members of our clients' support system.


Our Registered Respiratory Therapists, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are highly skilled healthcare professionals who evaluate, treat and maintain a clients cardiopulmonary function as part of the healthcare team. Our clinicians educate and equip Careica Health's clients with the tools they need for successful therapy, while monitoring to ensure effective treatment. Careica Health's clinicians find great satisfaction in developing long-term relationships with clients, something that is often not possible in hospital environments.

Corporate Teams

Our Communications, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Materials Management teams work behind the scenes, so the focus of our front-line Careica Health team remains on the client. They work relentlessly to continuously improve the knowledge, tools and processes of the entire Careica Health team. Our corporate teams are instrumental in Careica Health's ability to provide industry leading client service and care.

Current Openings

Care to join us? If you're passionate about doing your best work, making a difference in people's lives, and having fun doing it, apply for one of our open positions!